Kausani to Baijnath Travel Documentary

Please Subscribe our You Tube channel This is the journey from famous hill station of India Kausani to Baijnath. Distance covered, around 16 kms. Tike taken approx 50 minutes. When you start travel from Kausani towards Baijnath, you can see the natural beauty of nature, kumaoni people walking along the road, men and women working […]

Haldwani to Almora Journey by Road

Please Subscribe our YouTube channel Haldwani to Almora is about 3 hours journey, so here’s documentary for the people want to visit virtually or know the road condition and other information. There are two route options to reach Almora from Haldwani- a) via Bhimtal (approx 88 kms) b) via Jyolikot (approx 95 kms) in this […]

Sahastradhara Tour Dehradun

सहस्त्रधारा एक खूबसूरत और लोकप्रिय स्थान जो उत्तराखंड की राजधानी देहरादून से लगभग 16 किलोमीटर की दुरी पर राजपुर गांव के पास जंगलों के बीच स्थित है। देहरादून से १६ किलीमीटर की दुरी पर स्थित सहस्त्रधारा तक पहुचने में लगभग 50 मिनट लगते हैं. कुछ दुरी तक सीधा रास्ता होने के बाद पहाड़ी घुमावदार सड़क […]

Dehradun to Haridwar

Dehradun to Haridwar just in 4 minutes. Road conditions is quite good, travel time we took about 2 hrs. Distance is between these two cities is aprrox 52 kms. (via road and rail). There are frequent buses for and from both cities. Dehradun is best for living and Haridwar is best for leaving (Leaving worldly […]

Haldwani to Rudrapur

Travel with us from Haldwani to Rudrapur, हल्द्वानी से रुद्रपुर का सफ़र तय कीजिये 5 मिनट में – जानने के लिए देखे विडियो। — Hadlwani is known as a “Gateway to Kumaon”, and Rudrapur is known as Industrial area. In this video you will see the road trip from Mukhani, Haldwani to Roadways station Rudrapur. […]